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Mutineer Force for Sharp Practice 2

I’ve not blogged since January, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy doing stuff.  I’ve done almost as much painting as I did in the whole of last year (at least according to the scores given by Robert Avery in his TFL Painting Challenge)  and I’ve made some serious progress to meeting some of the objectives I set myself in the New Year.  In particular I’ve finished off this force of Mutineers.


That’s a core force of Mutineers for the Sepoys to June 1857 list with a unit of Badmashes as support.  OK the skirmishers should be green clothed Sepoy Riflemen rather than the red coated ones I’ve got, but I don’t really care.  All the figures are from Mutineer Miniatures.


My Leaders.  Out in front is the leader of my force, Subedar Major  Bakht Bahdur, a conservative man who is intensely proud of his troops and who tries to maintain military discipline as things fall apart around him.


In battle Bakht will always try to ensure that his Well Ordered Sepoys (above) form up in line and deliver a first controlled volley.  He’s been training his troops to this end for years and he’s not going to let standards slip just because he’s mutinied.


His number two, Subedar Teeka Roy is quite different, he has taken to wearing the native Dhoti rather than his regulation issue trousers and his command is much less disciplined than Bakht’s (Sepoy Rabble above).




Badmashes with muskets.


The Badmashes can be mixed in with the Sepoy Rabble to give me three units of ten rather than the two in the list.

I’m on target for my 50 games in the year, with 40 logged already and have been painting a lot of WWII models for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, 10mm for France 1940 and 6mm for Normandy, 1944.   I’ve also been making scenery for use in a Sharp Pracrtice Peninsular War campaign, mostly some rather nice buildings from Charlie Foxtrot.  I’ll blog about some of this soon.


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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    It would be good to see you over at Falkirk again sometime soon Derek. 10mm France 1940 sounds very interesting

  2. Derek says:

    I’ll be back. Busy time at work recently.

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