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More Cars for Gaslands

I’ve been busy building more cars for the Gaslands car combat game from Osprey.  Having started with a black themed team I decided to set up another team, one that is slightly more colourful.  Hence the Rainbow Warriors.  I’ve used 3mm x 1mm  rare-earth magnets and steel sheet to set them up so I can have interchangeable weapons loads.





And some more cars for the boys in black.  Again interchangeable rams and weapons.


Vans with turrets.


Here’s the selection of weapons I’ve got so far.  I’ve got most bases covered with machine guns, a mini-gun, rocket launchers and a couple of turrets (flamethrower and mini-gun).    Turrets are expensive in points and I’m not convinced that a three shot flamethrower in a turret is a sensible thing to put on a vehicle, but it should be fun playing with it.


To fit on the standard sized bull bars at the front of my cars I’ve got a selection of rams, some of them sharing space with flamethrowers, and a bar with a pair of side mounted flamethrowers.


We’ve now played a game and we had a grand time, despite not being completely on top of the rules.


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4 Responses

  1. Samuel Proulx says:

    Hey! Trying to do a similar project here. Where did you get the add-ons that youve put on the cars (guns,turrets, grids, etc)?

  2. Derek says:

    The guns are almost all spare bits from Warhammer 40K plastic kits. The turrets are spares from a 15mm PSC T34 kit that gives you turrets for the 76mm version and the 85mm version. Rams are scratch built from plastic rod. Grid is aluminium and comes from Halfords (car shop) where it’s sold to be used in car body repairs.

  3. Craig says:

    Fun post. Thanks for sharing
    Do you know the matchbox/hotwheels model names of the red and the yellow vehicles?
    I would like to get a few to add to my vehicle collection

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