Lardy Sabot System

The aim was create a range of sabots that allow players with a variety of differently based figures to make up all of the standard formed up unit types used in the Lardy Games, Dux Britanniaarum, Infamy Infamy! and Sharp Practice (SP).

The inspiration came from the motley collection of figures I sometimes use for fantasy games, which are all individually based on several different sizes of base. I was thinking about playing Oathmark from Osprey Games and I decided to work out a sabot system that would allow me to use as many of my toys as possible in the standard sized units that are a feature of the game.

A-20mm circle; B-1p coin (UK):; C-25mm mdf circle; D-25mm slottabase circle; E-2p coin (UK); F-2omm square slottabase: G-25mm square mdf: H-25mm square slottabase; I-25mm mdf square; J- 25mm x 50mm mdf pill; K-25mm x 50mm mdf pill ; L-25mm x 50mm slottabase.

I worked out how I could do this and in the process I realised that the system I’d devised would work just as well for Lardy games using 28mm figures.


Sabots are available for most of the common sizes people use for basing single infantry figures – 20mm circle and 1p pieces (same sabot does for both) ; 20mm square; 25mm circle; 25mm square; 2p piece. All the sabots of a given type (6 man, 8 man, 10 man etc etc) have the same external dimensions

The whole range of infantry sabots.

There are five different sabot types available for each type of infantry base. Some of these can be used in more than one game, eight man units feature in Infamy, Dux Britanniarum and Sharp Practice.

Here we have Syracusan Hoplites on five different types of base all on standard sized sabots suitable for use in Infamy,

This system gives you a huge amount of flexibility when putting together armies, and allows opponents whose figures are on different sized bases to play each other with units of standardised sizes. It also allows you to use your figures in multiple games.


Sabots are available to fit cavalry based on 25mm x 50mm pills, ovals or rectangles.

There are sabots for two, three, four, six or eight cavalry figures on these three types of base.

The range of cavalry sabots sizes, all are available for cavalry based on 25mm x 50mm pills, ovals or rectangles.

You can use two x three figure sabots for six man cavalry units (Infamy) or two x four figures sabots for an eight man cavalry unit (SP). Dux has cavalry in groups of four.

Two three man sabots can be used instead of a single six.

Some people seem to like having cavalry units with four men in the front rank and two in the rear, you can do this with a two man and a four man sabot.

Four up, two back

Foot cavalry

Mixed groups of cavalry and infantry can be used in Infamy! These sabots could be made in multiple configurations with infantry and cavalry on any of the standard sized bases.

Cavalry on pill bases, infantry on 25mm circles. Multiple combinations are available.


Having designed all these sabots and printed out test pieces I’m actually not going to use them myself because I much prefer the look of troops on a narrower frontage. There’s a price to be paid for the flexibility coming from the inclusion of troops on 25mm and 2p bases.

I mostly base my historical troops on 20mm round or 1p bases and they’ll fit on sabots that are quite a bit narrower than the ones described above. I prefer that look and I have the basic designs done for a more restricted system working with 20mm (sq or round) and/or 1p coins.

Personally I prefer the tighter look of the bottom row. But that spacing only works with 20mm or 1p bases.