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I Ain’t Been Shot Mum – NW Europe in 6mm

I’ve drawn the short straw in this project so I’m in charge of doing the Germans.  I’d much rather do the British, but John, one of my friends, has already got some.  Jim, another friend, has already re-based loads of US troops he painted and  based up for  Spearhead several years ago.   By the time he’s finished he will have a Combat Command.

I have a general rule with wargames projects which is to always start with the most common types of troops, so that will be a normal Grenadier company, with a few supports.  Well here they are.


Three Platoons, each of three squads, plus three stands of tripod mounted MG44s and three Panzeschrecht stands.


Close up of a single Platoon (above) and the MGs (below)


As I have discussed in a previous blog posting, I’m not a big fan of the cards that are normally used in Lardie games and much prefer to use chits drawn from a bag.  I reckon they’re easier to shuffle and more random than cards, which have a tendency to stick together when shuffled.

So I’ve made up a set of chips for IABSM.


Work on the scenery for games continues.   I’m up to sixty feet of bocage hedges and Jim has been making up woods and painting houses.   Photos soon I hope.


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3 Responses

  1. Barks says:

    I like your chits idea.

  2. Robin says:

    They look good, im starting out IABSM in 6mm as well. What size are your bases as I’m thinking of using thr same idea of square bases for sections and support weapons on round bases.

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