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Heroes Lochos for Mortal Gods Mythic

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Knight says:

    I am part way through painting Jason and his merry men for a campaign that appeared in slingshot which uses Hordes of the Things.
    Most of the figures are Foundry but I went with the same Hercules as yourself and my Jason is a figure from my only trip down to Salute.

  2. Paul Baldwin says:

    More great work here Derek, although I wonder if footsore decided the heroes should be bigger after they were sculpted.

    • Derek says:

      They know what they’re doing at Footsore so I believe them when they say it’s what they wanted to do. It’s not to my taste, so I’ve done something slightly different.

  3. Scott Duncan says:

    Derek, excellent stuff. Mind and get yourself along to the Ray Harryhausen expo at Edinburgh Modern Art

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