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Heroes Lochos for Mortal Gods Mythic

The whole Lochos

For many years now I’ve not planned any wargaming projects that didn’t have me painting two sides for a game. There have been too many occasions in my life when I’ve gone into projects where I just provided one side and then wound up with a force with nobody to fight. Sometimes it’s been due to my potential opponents losing interest in the project but, more commonly, it’s been down to people moving away from Edinburgh. So once I decided that I was going to get into Mortal Gods Mythic with a Hades Lochos I needed to decide what I was going to put together as an opposing force.

Having got an idea of how the game was going to work and what troops were available I decided to do a Lochos of Heroes. They’re all quite powerful and cost a lot of points so I didn’t need to buy too many. There are 740 points worth of them in that picture, in a game where the recommended force size starts at 500pts.

I decided to loosely theme my Lochos on heroes who went on the Argos with Jason. Here’s what I’ve got

  • Jason – 100pts
  • Argonauts –  3 groups of 3, 150 pts 
  • Heracles – 100pts
  • Hulas – 57 pts
  • Atalante – 70pts 
  • Melantha – counts as Meleagros 63pts
  • Castor – 60pts
  • Pollux – 60pts
  • Orpheus – 50pts
  • Mopsus – Seer 30pts 
  • Total 740 pts
Jason (centre) with the twins Castor and Pollox.

Jason, Castor and Pollux are all figures from the Footsore Miniatures Argonauts set I bought in the Mythic Kickstarter. I also have a proper Footsore Jason but I find him just far too big and will probably not use him in most games (see discussion below).

Heracles and his sidekick Hylas

Heracles there comes from Reaper Miniatures while Hylas is a Victrix unarmoured hoplite with a shield from a Wargames Atlantic skeleton.

Atalanta (right) and Melantha (left)

I found my Atalanta at Bad Squiddo games and she came in a pack with another female figure. I decided to use this extra figure in my Lochos thinking that Atalanta would probably like having another woman about the Argo. I’ve called her Melantha and she’s a hunter type who uses the profile card for Meleagros.

Orpheus (left) and Mopsus (right)

I couldn’t find a model with a Lyre to use as Orpheus, so I made a transfer so he could have one as a symbol on his shield. Mopsus was one of two famous seers who went with Jason on the voyage of the Argo. He will have the profile of a seer from the basic game. Morpheus in the Picture is a Victrix unarmoured hoplite with a hat intended for a Victrix peltast or archer.


All the Argonauts were heroes in their own right, but I haven’t given this lot names and they come in groups of three. Rams heads seemed like an appropriate shield emblem so that’s what they’ve got. They’d better just leave them in the boat when they go visiting King Aeëtes when they get to Colchis, it’s a bit of a giveaway as to their intent.

The question of size.

All the Mortal Gods heros models coming from Footsore Miniatures are really rather big, which is quite intentional. Mark Farr of Footsore Miniatures explained it on the Mortal Gods Facebook Group as follows.

We debated the size a lot before going for a big Jason ( he is only actually a head taller than an ordinary mini) and we made the decision they characters had to look capable of taking on the monsters and as most of them are more than just human it made sense that they are larger. They are for Mythic really not Mortal Gods so aren’t designed to scale in with mere mortals.

I completely understand this logic, all the models you see above are oversize in one way or another, but I think they have just gone too far. Here’s a picture to show what I mean.

Left to Right: Victrix hoplite. Footsore Miniatures Lochagos, Footsore Argonaut, Footsore Argonaut, Footsore Jason.

And another

Victrix hoplite, Footsore Jason, Wargames Atlantic Skeleton from my Hades Lochos, Footsore Argonaut I’ll be using as Jason.

He’s just too big for me.

I’m using a Footsore Argonaut for Jason and he still larger than a normal figure, but not so extreme. For some other heroes and my Argonauts I’ve used normal Victrix plastics, but I’ve made them look slightly bigger by adding an additional 2mm mdf circle on to the centre of their bases. It is more to my taste and it is certainly cheaper.

Victrix hoplite, Victrix hoplite on raised base as an Argonaut, Footsore Argonaut as Jason, Victrix unarmoured hoplite on raised base as Hylas.

My heroes look bigger than normal humans, but not hugely bigger. I’m happy with that. And here’s how I make the raised bases. I chamfer the edges on the top circle once a figure is glued on.

Raised bases make my Victrix plastics look a bit more heroic.


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5 Responses

  1. Dave Knight says:

    I am part way through painting Jason and his merry men for a campaign that appeared in slingshot which uses Hordes of the Things.
    Most of the figures are Foundry but I went with the same Hercules as yourself and my Jason is a figure from my only trip down to Salute.

  2. Paul Baldwin says:

    More great work here Derek, although I wonder if footsore decided the heroes should be bigger after they were sculpted.

    • Derek says:

      They know what they’re doing at Footsore so I believe them when they say it’s what they wanted to do. It’s not to my taste, so I’ve done something slightly different.

  3. Scott Duncan says:

    Derek, excellent stuff. Mind and get yourself along to the Ray Harryhausen expo at Edinburgh Modern Art

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