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Early Medieval Buildings

First up I there’s this watch-tower.  I built it for use in the Raiding  a Border Tower scenario in Dux Britanniarum.   The watchtower itself comes from Warbases, but it’s not their standard model.  I asked Martin if he could  make me a taller version and he very kindly did, so this one’s about two inches taller than the one that’s in  their webstore.  The palisade is scratchbuilt using bamboo skewers from Tesco’s kitchen department.



Next up is a village, useful for the Raiding a Farm or Village and Raiding a Church scenarios.  These models are all from the Battlefield Buildings range from Caliver Books.    They’re really quite a bargain at £7.50 – £17.00 each unpainted or £10 – £28.50 painted.   These actually belong to the South East Scotland Wargames so they’ll get used for Warhammer Fantasy as well as Dux Britanniarum, Saga, and other Dark Ages (sorry Early Medieval) games.   We got them unpainted, so we could make them fit in with other scenery, and I got the job of painting the things.   They all have removable roofs and room for figures inside.


Here’s some pictures of the individual models.


That’s SX01 – Manor or early church building.


SX02 – Long House type 1


SX03 –  – Long House type 2



SXo4 – Medium house  type 1



SX05 – Medium house type  2.


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