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Deep Fried Lard (Again) – Report

The second running of Deep Fried Lard took place yesterday (Saturday, 8th June) with twenty odd wargames from all over Scotland coming to Musselburgh to take part in a day of games from the TooFatLardies stable.   The event actually started on Friday when several of us, locals and people from further away who were staying in local hotels,  were joined for a pint in Stagg’s bar by Lardie in Chief Richard Clarke.


The venue was this hall in Stoneyhill Community Centre in Musselburgh, spacious and with really good lighting it’s a great place for an event of this nature.  That it has a bar makes it even better.


Richard ran two games of Chain of Command, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


My Normandy village got it’s first outing on a table, and I was quite pleased with the result, though that resin building from Goldfinger does look significanty  bigger than the mdf ones from 4Ground and Warbases and that resin farmhouse from Peter Pig.  .


This British Carrier made a brave dash for a jump off point in the middle of the village, but fell 2” short of taking  it and was attacked by German troops revealing themselves in the houses on both sides of the road – who missed it with their Panzerfausts.  It went dashing up the road, only to be ambushed by a Panzershreck team who were much more accurate in their firing.



You can see the carrier burning on the right of the picture.  and the huge amount of smoke that the British were using to cover their advance.  In the end they were successful in capturing the crossroads and driving back the Germans,  but it was a close run thing.


Michael Scott brought along a stunning set up for a game of If the Lord Spared Us set in  Iran during WWI.


John Ewing ran Kiss Me Hardie.


While Jack Glanville introduced people to CoC Espana, Chain of Command in the Spanish Civil War.


Alastair McBean and Sandy Gillespie put on a game of Charlie Don’t Surf on Alastair’s rather nice model of an airfield  – at Coc Dhup apparently.


Bagging the Hun with Allan Burt, who also helped out with ITLSU.


Jim Louttit helped me run a game of Dux Raiders, Gw?r y Gogledd (Men of the North)  trying to head off a Scotti raid on a church in Alt Clut.  The Scotti Lord went with his cavalry while his infantry ransacked the church and headed off with the silverwear.


The Gw?r y Gogledd cavalry smashed the Scotti Cavalry, who routed from the field, but by the time they’d rallied from the charge the Scotti Infantry had run away with the loot.  The British Levy infantry were also unable to catch the agile raiders and the game ended with the Scotti achieving their objective and the Lord gaining glory when he was wounded in combat.


After the games some of us went on curry and more beer.  As Richard put it in on the Lardy Yahoo Group, an evening “filled with beer, laughter and talking complete shite.”  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which is what matters really.

Special thanks must go to Richard, who came all the way up from St Albans to join us and to everyone who ran a game.    Also Jim Louttit who helped me move all the scenery to and from the venue.

I’m already thinking about next year.


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  1. Brian English says:

    Hi Derek.

    Does Michael Scott have a blog or contact info? Would love to email him about his ITLSU game, terrain, and figures.

    brianjenglish AT gmail DOT com

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