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Decals for 6mm Samurai

Since I started selling my range of Samurai decals I’ve been asked a few times if I could make them for 6mm, notably those for the lovely models from Baccus 6mm Miniatures. Well I’ve finally got my act together to test them out and the good news is that they will indeed work, the picture below shows some Baccus Samurai and Ashigaru with 2mm decals applied to their sashimonos.

All these decals are 2mm in width. The top row of figures are as they are sold while the bottom two rows have had sculpting on their sashimonos scraped off.

The bad news is that there are a few problems.

  1. Complicated symbols don’t show up well at that small size.
  2. The decals are very small and fiddly. I messed up on two decals during the process of applying eight. My normal failure rate is nowhere near that.
  3. The Baccus models have some fairly heavily sculpted details for the straps on the sashimonos. These get in he way of applying the decals centrally on the banner and prevent them from lying flat. Decal softening products help with this, but not a lot.
  4. I found things worked better after I scraped off most of the sculpting on the sashimonos as you can see on the cavalry (middle row) and arquebusiers (bottom row) in the picture above.
  5. I found that it was quite easy to damage the figures when removing this detail, I lost one sashimono and one figure almost broke off its base – the arquebusier on the bottom left has only one of his legs attached. I would undoubtedly get less ham-fisted after a bit of practice, but I think the possibility of some damage will always be there.

I have not tested thimngs on any other make of 6mm models.

If you want to buy some of these 6mm please contact with me are dereksweetoys@gmail.com. The cost will be my usual £5 a sheet, for which you will get 120 x 4mm decals (for nobori) and over 1,200 2mm ones for sashimonos. I will do mixed sheets if you want, but there’s an additional set up charge of 50p for every additional symbol over the first.

In general it’s all a bit of a pain, but I’d still much prefer to use these transfers than try to paint symbols at that scale.

Postage and packing is free within the UK and Europe and and additional £1 elsewhere in the world.


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