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Charlie Don’t Surf

CDS I’ve been much taken by the soon to be published Charlie Don’t Surf rules from TooFatLardies and have decided to start a new project, gaming the Vietnam War in 10mm scale.   And I’ll try and post regular updates of my progress on this, my first foray into 10mm, here on Derek’s Wee Toys.

Talk about the rules on the Toofatlardies Yahoo Group makes it look like they’ve managed to model this asymmetric conflict in an interesting way.   I just hope the rules live up to my expectations as I’ve bitten the bullet big style and have already purchased large numbers of toys including

To be honest I’ve chosen 10mm because it’s cheap, if I was rich I’d probably do the whole project in 15mm but 10mm works out at about one third the price.  Charlie Don’t Surf is a one model represents one man game and involves up to a Company a side.   I’m planning on building forces for the VC, the VNA, US Infantry and  Mechanised Infantry.    The savings I’ll make by doing 10mm rather than 15mm will be considerable.  I didn’t go all the way down to 6mm as I like to be able to differentiate between troop types by looking at the toys on the table and I can’t do that with 6mm.

I’ve started painting small numbers of infantry while I try and work out the paint schemes I’ll use.  Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  For bases I’m using 2p pieces from the UK and 1 Euro Cent pieces from Europe.


Viet Cong: Pendraken VC2 (Rifleman firing AK47, bush hat) VM2 (Tu Ve rifle shorts hat running) and VM3  (Tu Ve rifle scarf bareheaded walking)


North Vietnamese Army (NVA):  Pendraken VC1 (Officer pointing slung weapon AK-47 pith helmet), VC3 (Riflemen, kneeling, firing rifle, helmet) and VC7  (Riflemen running AK-47 pith helmet)



US Army: V1 (Officer pointing M16 helmet),  V2 (Riflemen standing M16 helmet) and V3 (Riflemen walking M16 helmet)

I’m still working out the exact colour  palettes I’ll be using on these models and some of them have received more coats of paint than they really should.


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