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Blitzkrieg British

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8 Responses

  1. Emilio says:

    What sizes do you use for your bases?

    • Derek says:

      30mm square for the normal infantry stands, 15mm x 30mm for the extra men on MGs AT guns etc, 2p pieces for the command stands. Whatever fits for the vehicles.

      • Emilio says:

        Thanks Derek.
        Two more questions:
        How many minis per base (and why)?
        Are you using IABSM?

        • Derek says:

          Two or three miniatures per base. Three riflemen or one rifleman and a Bren gunner. Why? Habit I guess 🙂

          Three stands (1×Bren and 2×rifle) give me the eight men that are usually in an IABSM British section.

          I use the models for both IABSM and Battlegroup Panzergrenadier. One man is one man for IABSM, one stand is a section for BGPG.

          • Emilio says:

            Thanks Derek. I ask because I have a bunch of 10mm british, from Pendraken, and I am not sure how to base them. I think that I´ll take your system. I like the Bren group with three figures, and two more bases will make easiest to take out casualties.
            I´ll take a look at Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, I want to combine IABSM with another system too.

    • Derek says:

      That’s Dulux Emulsion Rich Praline 2 as a base, highlighted with Dulux Caramel Blush 4 and Timeless. I alsways use Dulux emulsion paints for my bases as they’re dirt cheap – just over £3 for a 200ml tester pot.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Derek

    What colours did you use on the bases.



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