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Blitzkrieg British

In a previous post I wrote about the German force I’ve been putting together for the Battle of France in 1940.  Well here are some of the British who will be going to fight them.


As is usual for all my WWII forces the core of the force is provided by nine units of three stands of infantry plus command stands and support.  In this case I have finished the infantry, three HMGs, two Hotchkiss AT guns and four tanks.   Figures are from Pendraken, Minifigs and Pithead.


Infantry (Pendraken BR141 & BR147 BEF riflemen,  BR153 Early War Bren, BR 142 officers)


Infantry odds and sods: 2” mortar, command stand at AT Rifle (Pendraken  BR144 Boyes AT Gun, BR54 2” mortar, BR 142 officers and BR18 radio operators.


AT Gun crew and tow (Pendraken BR148 BEF Hotchkiss 25mm AT gun with crew, Pithead Bv64

Light dragon Mk2)


HMG section with 15cwt truck ( Pendraken BR4 Vickers MG Team, Pithead Bv50 Early war 15cwt platoon truck)  Pithead do three different truck bodies and two different tilts for this code.


Tanks:  A10 (Centre) and two A13s all from Minifigs courtesy of a TMP Poll prize draw win.  (Minifigs BV-37 A-10 Cruiser, BV-13 A-13 Cruiser)


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8 Responses

  1. Emilio says:

    What sizes do you use for your bases?

    • Derek says:

      30mm square for the normal infantry stands, 15mm x 30mm for the extra men on MGs AT guns etc, 2p pieces for the command stands. Whatever fits for the vehicles.

      • Emilio says:

        Thanks Derek.
        Two more questions:
        How many minis per base (and why)?
        Are you using IABSM?

        • Derek says:

          Two or three miniatures per base. Three riflemen or one rifleman and a Bren gunner. Why? Habit I guess 🙂

          Three stands (1×Bren and 2×rifle) give me the eight men that are usually in an IABSM British section.

          I use the models for both IABSM and Battlegroup Panzergrenadier. One man is one man for IABSM, one stand is a section for BGPG.

          • Emilio says:

            Thanks Derek. I ask because I have a bunch of 10mm british, from Pendraken, and I am not sure how to base them. I think that I´ll take your system. I like the Bren group with three figures, and two more bases will make easiest to take out casualties.
            I´ll take a look at Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, I want to combine IABSM with another system too.

    • Derek says:

      That’s Dulux Emulsion Rich Praline 2 as a base, highlighted with Dulux Caramel Blush 4 and Timeless. I alsways use Dulux emulsion paints for my bases as they’re dirt cheap – just over £3 for a 200ml tester pot.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Derek

    What colours did you use on the bases.



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