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Back from a break

I was off on holiday for the whole of July, visiting the Netherlands, Belgium and France.  I got to spend  time visiting battlefields at Arnhem, Waterloo and Normandy (the Bluecoat offensive) and got in a visit to the Musée de l’Armée in Paris.

I don’t seem to have been able to settle down to any painting since I got back, but I have rebased some Japanese peasants I bought from Jack Glanville.

As with my Samurai I have based these on two pence pieces which can fit into sabot bases I get from warbases.co.uk.  This means I can use them for both Samurai skirmish games or to play Impetus, as in the picture below.

I’ve only just started playing Impetus, but I’m enjoying it immensely.   There’s a lot of  subtlety built in to what seems to be a very simple system..


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