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Altar of Freedom – Troops Ready

Off to SESWC to play a game of Altar of Freedom this afternoon and the Union side is ready to go.  That’s two Corps each of three Divisions of three Brigades.


We’re using the same troops for Longstreet and Fire & Fury so for Altar of Freedom we got Martin at Warbases to cut us some sabots.    They were designed by Jack Glanville and hold three of the stands we’re using for other games along with a small marker die to record the Fatigue Points that units accumulate during the game.


Martin is incredibly helpful with things like this and made us a few prototypes so we could get the exact dimensions right – a millimeter here or there can make quite a lot of difference.


And here’s a sabot that has been painted, textured and flocked.  I’ve left a space at the back to take a label.


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