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Plans for 2021


My aim for 2021? 52 gaming sessions – at least one per week online or face to face.

Covid has left me with a few completed forces that I’ve not managed to get on a wargames table yet.  Hopefully this will change by the end of 2021.  Ready to go but unused in games I have a force for Mortal Gods, two for Mortal Gods Mythic (Hades and Heroes) and several warbands intended for Warcry and/or Fistful of Lead.  Of all of these Fistful of Lead looks most suitable for online gaming on a 3′ x 3′ small table so I think I’ll give it a shot soon. 

Over 100 skeletons that have never been used in anger. This must end and playing a game of Mortal Gods Mythic is high on my list of priorities for 2021.

I don’t think Covid is going to go away quickly enough for me to be able to run Deep Fried Lard in June.  Unfortunately I don’t have much flexibility as to dates if I want to use the usual venue at the rugby club. 

Painting – Addressing the Lead & Plastic Mountain

It’s not a “Pile of Shame”, it’s a “Pile of Opportunity”.  But I plan on reducing it anyway.

Punic Wars:  I’ve already painted a Republican Roman force for the promised Punic Wars supplement for Infamy, Infamy! I’ve got a load of Gauls built, based and undercoated, and I aim to to have them finished by the time the supplement enters play-testing.

My Romans are ready. Where are those Gauls?:

Test of Honour:    When I retired from work in December last year my friends and colleagues at the University of Stirling had a collection for a leaving gift, some of  which I spent on troops for Test of Honour.  Now assembled, based and undercoated I have over fifty figures which, when painted, will give me new forces for Sohei Monks and Ikko Ikki whilst also expand existing forces of Bandits and Ronin. 

Mortal Gods Mythic:  I still have my Hydra from the Kickstarter to paint.

Undead Samurai:  Another purchase from my retirement gifts was a starter box of Undead Samurai from Zenit Games’ Kensei.  I started them at the beginning of January and they are now finished, at least for the moment. 

Undead Samurai ready to go. I’ve aklready achieved my first 2021 objective.

Fantasy and Science Fiction:  I have Flesheater Courts and Untamed Beasts warbands for Warcry and Fistful of Lead and some Nurgle 40K figures I intend to use in Fistful of Lead.  These should provide some small projects to do when I feel like a change from the big ones. 

Painting – Expected Temptations.

Punic Wars:  After finishing my Gauls I have got some Carthaginian infantry who will be able to fight alongside them and I really quite fancy getting together some Hellenic troops, probably based round thureophoroi or thorataki who seem to me to be the most suitable Hellenic infantry to use for the types of skirmish covered by Infamy, Infamy!

Zenit Games Undead Rising Kickstarter More undead samurai due in August. 

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this Undead Dragon from Zenit Miniatures.

Warhammer Undead:  Games Workshop seem to be lining up a busy year for undead fans and have announced new Vampires and Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, a game set in a city taken over by undead types.  I’m highly likely to get involved in some of this.

Mortal Gods Mythic:  Footsore are promising more toys for this game including Cerebus for the Hades forces.  Trish Carden has been doing some lovely monster sculpts for this range so I’ll be getting Cerebus and anything else they do for Hades. 

Other Fantasy:  Wargames Atlantic have said they’ll be releasing Skeleton Cavalry sometime soon and if they’re anything like their Skeleton Warrior infantry, which I love, I’ll be completely unable to resist buying a couple of boxes.

New Games

O’ Group: Reisswitz Press (Lardys in disguise) have announced that Dave Brown’s new WWII battalion level game is going to be released on March 1st.  I’ve been playing his Battlegroup Panzergrenadier game for years and enjoy it a lot.  O’ Group looks even better.  The best bit is that I already have enough troops to put together usable forces for 1944-5 in Western Europe and for France 1940.  I shouldn’t have to paint much at all.

Pony Wars:  I’ve signed up for a copy of the rules and was going to do some troops.  But my mate Jack has already done just about everything we could possibly need.  I’m looking forward to playing though. 

Derek’s Wee Decals

I plan on expanding the Samurai range and starting some more. I have other products planned.


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