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1940 French for Chain of Command

For several years now I’ve wanted to to do a force of French for the 1940 campaign, their tanks just look so good with some of the best looking camouflage schemes seen in the whole of the war.

It was this liking of French tanks that made me start up a France 1940 project in 10mm.   To get other people to join in I had to do the Germans and one of my friends (you know who you are) said he was very keen to do the French.  So I did the Germans and the British, resolving to return to the French later.  Well my friend never did the French and I’ve never got round to doing them either, though I do now have extensive forces for both Germans and British.

Well the release of Chain of Command from TooFatLardies, a game which is based on each side fielding a platoon of infantry with a few supporting units, has given me the chance to actually do some French at last.  Here’s my first section, 15mm figures from Peter Pig.


I’ve still not bought any of the tanks that made me want to do this force, – I’ve got to paint up full platoons for both French and Germans before I start on supports, but I should get it all done fairly soon.

Trouble is I’ve become diverted and my painting table is currently covered in Russian naval infantry as I rebase and expand I force I originally put together for the Russian Revolution.


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